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Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of questions you might have about chimney sweeping, repairs, and maintenance.

These are some of the most common we are asked but for your specific enquiry please do call, we will be happy to help.

Why do you need your chimney/flue swept?

It’s all about safety. Without regular cleaning, your chimney will build up deposits that block the free passage of fire smoke and other gasses.

Removing the obvious build-up of soot, or blockages like cobwebs, bird nests and creosote (tar) will also prevent dangerous chimney fires. An added benefit of chimney sweeping is that it increases heat efficiency and the operation of appliances too.

How often should you sweep a chimney?

That depends on the chimney type and the kind of fuel you use. Also, it’s about the appliance you have, how often your fire is on, and even the moisture content of the wood fuel.

As a guide, for smokeless fuel, we recommend sweeping once a year. For wood or Bituminous coal a quarterly sweep (when in use) and an oil or gas fire, once a year.

Does a gas or oil fire flue need sweeping?

Yes, although gas or oil fires don’t normally deposit soot, there are other problems that can affect a chimney. Sweeping will solve or identify these and always reduces the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

I’ve just moved into my house, do I need the chimney cleaned?

Yes, you really should. After all, you may not know the last time it was cleaned professionally, and having it swept will ensure the safety of your appliance. You’ll also comply with important insurance requirements.

I’m closing off my chimney, should I have it swept first?

Definitely. If a chimney is closed off, there’s the danger of it becoming damp. Any soot left within the chimney might then become a nasty black acidic deposit that can soak into the internal walls, especially in an old chimney. Over time, it might even penetrate through the wall into your room as well, causing unpleasant stains

And as for us…

What can we expect from Home Chimney Sweep?

Home Chimney Sweep is a member of the National Association of Chimney Sweeps which, apart from requiring a high level of training, has an 100% requirement that members hold all the necessary insurances too. They must also carry the correct equipment, which we do and more. And you have our promise of an always keen price and a guarantee of a job well done or we won’t charge at all.

Is there really no VAT to pay?

That’s right, there is no VAT to pay with us. As a small, independent chimney sweep, unlike a national firm or a franchise, we aren’t big enough to be VAT registered, we don’t want to be. That’s the way we like it and you get the benefit of the 20% saving!

If we do ask you to help, how best to prepare for your visit?

Just allow an open passage to your chimney and adequate space to work. And please clear ornaments from around the mantelpiece and remove any fuel, ash or rubbish from the grate. It’s also important that the fire place or stove be cool prior to our sweep.

Will there be a mess afterwards?

During normal sweeping we routinely prevent dust escaping from the chimney but when removing a bird’s nest it can be difficult to guarantee that no mess will be made at all. Rest assured though, we lay protective dust sheets for carpets, floor surfaces and furniture before any job and your living area is always left as found.

Member of The National Association of Chimney Sweeps

Expert chimney sweeping, chimney repair, aerial drone or in-chimney CCTV inspection, bird nest removal and chimney cowl fitting. Call Staffordshire’s chimney specialist on 07498 227617

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